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Ultra Modern Warm Home Design in Istanbul Turkey

Ultra Modern Warm Home Design in Istanbul Turkey

What a big mistake of the most modern house design? selected wrong furniture and mostly painted in white, maybe you also thinking that the modern is related with the futuristic or minimalist design, but with this modern house that created by DAG- an architecture company with offices in New York, Istanbul and Bodrum, my boring was running out. This BUAMA house in the exotic country Turkey is a house that I wait for long time.
Designed in modern but absolutely give charming warm design, this house is reflection of home with the best selected furniture ever. Parquet floor (not marble or ceramic) is the best ideas for natural look. Not to crowded but not too quite. Balancing between modern, natural, and warm. Do you like to know what the designer describe about this project?

“The new structure maintains the existing heights, yet proposes a more organic solution. The smooth and endless lines reference infinite space, as there is no clear distinction between the floors & walls, or between the walls & ceiling. Light scatters on the organic surface in a way that seems almost limitlessness. The furniture is selectively chosen to unite many different styles.” To get any modern breakthrough concept, please visit DAG site.

If you’re looking for a bright, cheery and carefree look in your home that also makes you feel like you are away on vacation at an ocean, then contemporary mediterranean interior design is ideal for you. The style was developed in places such as Greece, Turkey, Morocco and other Mediterranean countries.
The style is well known for the bright colors that are used for decorating. Colors are also mixed and matched with contrasting colors. The bright colors on the houses were used to help people recognize their homes from a distance, mainly the sailors.

You’ll find earthy tones throughout contemporary mediterranean interior design homes. They have accents with designs and white furniture as well as white paint. Things such as Fez lanterns and accented, decorative pillows are popular for living rooms and bedrooms. Ceilings made from wood with intricate designs are also popular along with Moroccan doors that add a medieval touch. These types of items are usually found in Mediterranean living rooms. You will also see other decorations such as ornate porcelain vases and gold rim frames and mirrors. Farah tables are also very popular decorations that you will find in living rooms in this region.

If you have a contemporary mediterranean interior design in mind for your bathroom, select a tub in an older style and add flooring of marble. Marble tiles are considered a necessity when it comes to decorating interiors in this area. You can also add mosaics to the wall, tiles on the floor that match and the sink counter. Adding fancy lighting like sconces will create a nice, decorative touch.

A kitchen in this style will have bright
colors like blue, yellow or red like the sunset. The counters are also bright, contrasting colors and they are decorated with tables as well as back splashes. The stove will also have a backdrop that matches the décor and colors of the kitchen. Windows can be accented with light color curtains or panels and they be accented with plants like herbs growing in planters.

Bedrooms are filled with beds that have dark color furniture like headboards, storage chests and armoires for clothing and other belongings. The best way to select the items is to keep it a neutral theme when you select the paint color and matching bedding sets. Terra cotta and olive are popular colors that will give the room a contemporary mediterranean interior design. Blues as well as gold are also popular and go well as contrasting colors or main colors as well. Decorative lamps can be added to any room like the bedroom and living room.

This style creates a textured look for your home. Even if you don’t have real pots with plants growing, you can simply add photos or paintings of this type to fit into the décor. You will find many antique like decorations throughout this type of home. Other decorations can include religious items to show your faith and culture. You can decorate using simple things or very decorative furniture if you wish. As for the floors, tiles are an important part. They can be used in various places in the home such as the kitchen and bathrooms and they can also be used in entryways.

The interior of the house, which Ozbek describes as ‘contemporary Anatolian’, is a simple composition, which is surprising given his unconventional use of colour in his fashion work. Traditional built-in sofas (sedirs) reduce general clutter whilst a low painted table from Morocco and a Senegalese pale tangerine-coloured silk throw give the main room the trademark Ozbek flair.

Pastel shades and the breezy lime-white of the walls are enhanced with vibrant explosions of colour including blue glass beads and printed cottons from the bazaars of Central Asia and North Africa. Pop-art posters, photographs and collectible pieces add to the crafted palette of the interior. Religious art, such as the carved wooden alems that once crowned an old village mosque, stand elegantly in the corner of the living room.

Ozbek and Karaman like to spend at least half of their year in this Turkish house surrounded by the most incredible scenery. Having had a career that has lasted over 30 years, he was been widely acclaimed and noted for having dressed fashion icons ranging from the Princess of Wales to the supermodel Kate Moss. Their Yalikavak hideaway provides them both much needed tranquility and rest.

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