Monday, August 1, 2011

Moroccan Bathroom design

Moroccan's are one of the most cleanest people I have ever met as a culture. People go to the 'Hammam' (similar to the Turkish bath hamman, where you can take a bath and wash in a proper room, and not in a tub) at a regular basis.

Exotic Moroccan Bathroom with Beautiful Purple Color Decoration:Let’s talk about designing an elegant exotic and beautiful bathroom design with amazing decoration, lighting and fixtures. As the part of house interior design concept, bathroom must be designed as well as and as perfect as other parts of house interior designs such as living room, bedroom, kitchen and dining room design.

Contemporary Bathroom Design with Purple Walls

Moroccan bathrooms furniture style with Bright black or colored lacquered surfaces

Moroccan bathroom furniture style with Bright blacks or colored lacquered surfaces

Incorporate brilliant mosaic tile designs into rich orange/red terra cotta or brick tiled floors. You can choose to continue the motif by applying the mosaics to the wall in the place of base mold, inlay them around door frames and be sure to make use of mosaic tiles for the kitchen or bathroom back splash. Select a foyer, hall or alcove to try a troweled on red or lavender burnished plaster paint application for a dramatic affect.

Elegant Yellow Moroccan Bathroom Design

The mirrors used in interiors decoration are framed with wood or metal. The bathroom accessories are made from ceramic material. The bright colored pottery of Moroccan style can be used as lamps or serving vessels.

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