Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kitchen Design Trends 2011

kitchen design trends 2011. The kitchen design should attract a functional because the kitchen is the heart of the home. One of the newer trends in the ideas of kitchen design is to make the kitchen a ‘big space’, ie combining the kitchen with adjacent family room. To make the room look great providing a dividing wall between kitchen and family room or dining room so as to create more open space and centered by a large kitchen.

The dominance of white color is also helpful to make this kitchen bright and airy feel. If you notice, the cabinet under the kitchen set is made floating. At the bottom given the lighting. In addition to beautify, also to keep the kitchen easier to clean. Lighting is enough to make the dirt more clearly visible.

Amazing Kitchen Design 2011

Luxury Ktchen Design 2011

Outstanding Kitchen Design

Modern and Small Kitchen Design 2011

Best Kitchen Design 2011

Kitchen Design with Wooden Furniture

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