Sunday, July 31, 2011

Funny House Design

A house is generally a shelter or building or structure that is a dwelling or place for habitation by human beings. The term includes many kinds of dwellings ranging from rudimentary huts of nomadic tribes to high-rise apartment buildings. In some contexts, “house” may mean the same as dwelling, residence, home, abode, lodging, accommodation, or housing, among other meanings. Creating something unique is a fashion, here the pictures of houses designed different style like upside down house, tree house, beautiful painted, hanging houses and many type of house designs, but some people like to have their houses designed different from others and sometimes it becomes very weird…….

Funny House Fish Design

Funny house sloping design

Fuuny Weird House Design

Fuuny Tunnel House Design

Shoes Funny House Design

Amazing Funny Tree House Design

Unique Funny House Design

Bangerter Homes successes to create funny house design base on famous Disney-Pixar cartoon movie “Up”. It is replica of animation house architecture. It is dream house of everyone who loves animation. This cartoon house is build to give more confidence if a dream can be manifested in real world.

Weird and Funny house over the sea

Funny snail house design

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