Thursday, August 25, 2011

White Minimalist House

This modern minimalist house located in Menorca, Spain is one of great white minimalist house design sample from Dom Arquitectura. This house looks like a podium with some wooden stepping floor in one side of the house. The architect decided to apply some glass window as the daylight access and air circulation to enter the house. This white modern house comes with alley to divide this house into two shares that connected the front house with swimming poll area. The swimming pool area is surrounded by wooden stepping floor that gives environmentally friendly impression. Natural stones are found around house and in the green garden. You could also held a barbecue party in the terrace and enjoy the night full of stars in the roof top.

This house is belongs to Romolo Stanco, with 120 square meter loft and located on the top floor of the house in Piacenza, Italy- this house is so modern and white themed. The first floor is 81 square meters, while the first floor is 42 square meters. White color dominates touching the ground and shadow, distance, and the individual elements, such as chairs, sofa, table and other furniture. Entering the house to make an open space, the balance between the linearity of the long wall, which looks for the most important parallel to impose.

House minimalist architecture is a model that was becoming a trend in the metropolis. The work of building architecture, including a minimalist home, a choice of architectural form as a result of culture. Not just talkative trend bandwagon. MINIMALIST is a pattern of thinking, working, and a way of life. A new way of looking at design as a reflection of how urban life is very practical, lightweight, efficient, and management simplicity. Minimalist house also comes with a character more clearly (the shape and geometric space, simple), better (solid), and more strongly with the empty spaces (little ornaments and furniture). The principle is the more simple, the quality of design, space, and the resolution of the structure must be getting better. John Pawson is regarded as a teacher “minimalism” to bring home a minimal design lines, the atmosphere is quiet and beautiful.

Elegant & White Minimalist House

Unique White Minimalist House 

Pure White Minimalist House

Beautiful White Minimalist House

Luxury White Minimalist House

Living Room White Minimalist House 

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