Sunday, July 31, 2011

Moroccan House

Morocco has unique culture, which is influenced by European, Arabian and a little of African culture. Two different cultures are mixed together and it creates a unique combination in Morocco. You can find the unique details in the architecture of Moroccan buildings. It also appears in the home decorating, where you can still find the trace of artistic European decorating style, the small patterns from Arabian style, and also African colorful style.

This unique Moroccan style can be a great home decorating idea. You can bring some colors into your house, but it will be in the stylish way. Color is an important feature in Moroccan decorating style. So, your Moroccan home decorating ideas should involve a lot of warm color tone. You need to bring warm tone color into your house. These colors are represented the color of spices that are often used on cooking. The pattern that is used on this style is mostly influenced from Arab and its Islamic culture.

Moroccan home decor is so popular for a number of reasons, and one of these is the fact that this style can be combined with other home decorating styles and designs with fabulous results. Moroccan decor involves the heavy use of bright colors, innovative designs, luxurious fabrics, and rich textures.

Moroccan exotic outdoor swimming pool house design

Moroccan decor will include the use of mirrors, and these accessories can add incredible depth as well as attractive decorations. Mirrors intended for Moroccan home decor will include frames which are metal or wood and that include exquisite carved details. Mirrors can be placed in between Moroccan lamps and wall sconces to increase the light reflection in your home and make the room seem larger. Choosing to use a mirror instead of a painting for wall decoration will help open up the room and add appeal at the same time.

Luxury and Cozy Moroccan House

Moroccan Exterior lighting House Design

Lantern square Moroccan House

The beloved Moroccan house of the late French designer Yves Saint Laurent is up for auction later this year, sans price tag. Georgina Wilson-Powell looks inside the intriguing Villa Mabrouka and explains how its simple decor is tied to some of the world’s greatest art.

A country which is influenced by different cultures and sits in a strategic position from the point of blending of world cultures, Morocco is located in the north-western part of Africa. The specialty of Moroccan style interior design is that, it has European, African as well as Persian influences. to the dry environments, Moroccan houses include pots of exotic plants as one of the items of interior designing.

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