Sunday, July 24, 2011

bathroom designs australia

This modern bathroom  Design Australia.This is a minimalist house with great interior, the central core of the building was a large open plan living room and it was divided into regions with a clear function of the west side to accommodate the children bedroom,  bathroom.
This achieved a connection with others in the space but enabled the different activities to seem slightly separate which has proved very beneficial when the house is at capacity. Cantilevered framed structures anchored to the site with monolithic limestone walls and the combination of timber and stone is used to soften and relax the harder geometry of the building.
Many of us could think that if you have a place and money for a big bathroom than you have nothing to worry about. Although if everything is big that you expectation are so too.
Just recently HIA Australian Award 2008 took place. Bubbles Bathrooms won both Bathroom Project of the Year and Bathroom Designer of the Year. Both their projects are very big bathrooms with a lot of things inside. Lets take a look at them.
Both bathrooms made in similar light beige and brown colors although materials are completely different. Comfortable morning for two people is possible with two bowls in each of them.
Big bathroom is a possibility to relax in the very big tube in the middle of it while watching the tv or checking out fire in the fireplace. Although when there aren’t time for relaxing showers could be the fast way to refresh.
As you can see, big bathrooms have a lot in common nowadays.
Although as people differs such bathrooms could be different to suite them. Somebody need more contemporary look others more Victorian but luxury and style are what everybody wants to see in a big bathroom.

Interior Luxury Apartments in Brisbane, Australia

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