Sunday, July 24, 2011

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Curtains Design

Most people would have bought curtains later, after the main decoration of the house and would not have put particular effort. Like buy something without special significance. Although you may not think anyone knows what kind of work, but choosing the right curtain can be very complicated decision.
Today the market offers a huge variety of fabrics and colors. From this perspective, you should know that it is almost certain that you will find what you are looking for. If you choose a color that matches the colors in the room can completely destroy a wonderful decoration. In order not to happen, we will offer you some basic rules that apply to almost any situation.
Stop to any style of curtains and put the same in each room, whether your decor fits or not. The fact is that each room can have different curtains on the windows, unless of course you do not want bare windows or curtains of children ‘s reasoning in the living room much more than heavy and luxurious curtains for the kids room . Consider the fact that the windows and decorate room by room..
One of the most popular ways that you’ve seen all the decorations in the window is placed on the translucent curtains. Although it is ideal for almost any room, not going to put on transparent curtains, if you want a little privacy in the room because they are seen in almost everything. 
Sleeping example should never have curtains or not they are just always need to have a more solid curtain over them. For the same rule applies to the bathrooms, or if you do not want to wet curtains, just paint dull in color window
Placed on windows, curtains and drapes to have a different bandwidth for the sun, so you should comply with the materials you choose for the curtains.
Heavy, thick curtains in any case will block the outside light, which is ideal for a bedroom or other such secluded room. But for subsistence and other rooms that do not need privacy is better to put translucent curtains that free will miss the sun.
Furthermore, these curtains have a sense of freedom, spontaneity that do a great job for each room in which guests are invited or just spend your day. There is a huge variety of fabrics and fabric combination that you can use for your curtains, but above all you should choose material that is resistant to fading, especially for the room in which the solar flux is continuous and strong.
This occurs mostly in rooms facing south. While Silk is a luxurious and elegant, it is better to leave it on pillows or other home accessories that have no direct access to sunlight. Silk fabrics fade very quickly and will eventually have colorless and ugly curtains of their windows.

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