Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Elegance Toilet Room

Small And Elegance Toilet Room By Marsh & Clark Design

Marsh & Clark Design believes in uniting traditional craftsmanship and innovative design to make good on the promise of elegant, timeless and sustainable spaces.

It well done by the designer and the founder Stephanie Marsh Fillbrandt that had been designed small and pretty toilet room for tight space.

This toilets room have a very significant elegance design with a lot of mosaic hand made marble tiles, artistic portrait window, equipped with wooden vanities with ceramic washbasin, modern pendant lamp and simply modern toilet.

Overall that’s very brilliant ideas for creating elegance toilet room design.
Finding toilet room design inspiration in tight spaces will more easy by these picture below.

The key is by selected suitable vanities include the size and color to maximizing this tight toilet room into more larger and has exquisite interiors that are as comfortable as they are inviting.

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