Sunday, July 17, 2011

Colonial House Design

Colonial homes are now turning people’s attention because of several aspects. First, the designs are so nice because it looks unique and antique. This is understandable because when they built the colonial homes, it was long long time ago. Secondly, the materials for building the colonial homes are usually very natural and very strong. The strength is supported by the big patterns of the structure of the colonial homes. So, choose the colonial homes which we posted here for you and we do hope that you will find the best modern colonial homes for your unique and antique house. See all the best collections of modern colonial homes.
The colonial house plan combines understated elegance with a touch of history, and a variety of unique touches developed through regional influences.
Classic Colonial Homes, Inc. offers a wide range of standard colonial home plans with rich and accurately detailed, proportioned exteriors and comfortable, open interiors. We specialize in authentic, reproduction-style New England architecture and our exclusive Trim, Window, Siding and Framing Packages allow you affordably and conveniently achieve the true period look you desire.
Colonial Kitchen Design
Colonial Livingroom Design
Amazing Colonial House Design
Modern Colonial House Design
Beautiful Colonial House Design
The Lutsen Colonial house was designed by Larson Brenner Architects. This Colonial house plan design was inspired by the many classic colonial revival style homes that can be found in many neighborhoods throughout the United States. Larson Brenner; who has been featured in a number of National and Regional publications, has gained a reputation for designing charming and functional modestly sized homes. The exterior is classic Colonial, simple in form and rich in detail, beautifully proportioned windows with shutters, planter boxes, and a subtle bump at the second floor, a graceful entry porch and a red brick base all work together to create this simple and elegant composition.

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