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Moroccan Décor for the Bedroom arabic

Moroccan Décor for the Bedroom

The Arabic culture has always been a resource of great inspiration for the designers. This is why it’s quite a trend to decorate different parts of the house in a Moroccan style. Now, the problem is the fact that many of the people don’t read enough about the Moroccan decorations, and neither about the Islamic culture, and therefore the rooms that they think that they’ve decorated in a Moroccan style are in fact total failures.

Basically, the usual Moroccan décor demands lots of rugs – even on the walls -, lamps, colored doors and large armchairs or couches. Though, nowadays, larger couches are preferred instead of the large armchairs.

As for the walls, most of the experts recommend to paint the walls in different shades of the same color, but most important, they recommend to never let the walls white. For example, if the walls are painted in a light brown, the ceiling should be either dark orange, either it should take the sand’s color.

Though, when it comes to furniture, the things get a little bit more complicated, as it is quite tough to find Moroccan furniture. Though, a good resource of furniture are the old antiquities stores or even the garage sales that can be found from time to time in any neighborhood.

However, a dark colored furniture should do the trick, especially if it doesn’t have any modern decorations on it. In the worst case, the furniture can have just some floral decorations, but nothing else more.

There are 2 more things that must be kept in mind, but they are in a strict relation: the door and the curtains should have the same color, and this color should never be white or blue, as the Moroccans used to believe that this color is the one that brings curses and good luck.

And come on, who would like white curtains and a white door when the rest of the room is dark colored and has floral decorations all over? Be sure to buy a simple door with a simple lock system.

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