Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blue Bedroom Design

Beautiful Blue Bedroom Design
Calm blue bedroom Design
Cool blue bedroom design – One color that can be played in the bedroom is blue. Blue is the color of the most popular. Broad meaning to make blue sometimes appear cool and wistful. Sometimes blue can also be dynamic. However, a clear blue color is able to provide coolness, calmness and peace. Similarly, the blue in the bedroom. The presence of blue in there to make the room feel cooler. In this bedroom, a dark blue applied to the wall behind the bed. Meanwhile, light blue on the other wall. With blue sleeping design will emit an incredible sense of coolness.
Miami Blue suites is part of the Hard Rock in Las Vegas designed by the Las Vegas firm Chemical Spaces. The suites were designed with the intent to cater to Hard Rock’s young, hip, and music-oriented guests. With each suite boasting a unique theme/motif, the suites each walk out to the newly-designed Hard Rock pool and bring a new element to the Hard Rock resort.
Here we present a blue bedroom design. The bedroom is dominated by blue. The blue color give soft and calm impression. This blue bedroom using a bed made from wood with a fine give this blue bedroom looks more artistic. Large window at the blue bedroom allow more light come, so that the lighting in this room is very good when the daylight hours. Some furniture is made of wood. Furniture from this timber into a combination that fits in this blue bedroom.
Unique Blue Bedroom Design
Dark Blue Bedroom Design
The bedroom is not just about a large bed, comfortable bedding, pillows, bedcovers, and that's it. The bedroom décor goes beyond this and includes the wall color, texture or pattern designs for the walls, special flooring, curtains, curtain rods, bed, side tables, mattresses and beddings, bedcovers and bed sheets, pillows and cushions along with slip covers, the Paintings, show pieces and many more.

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