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Home Decoration Interior Design

Home Decoration | Interior Design

If you like many people, so you can decorate your house look like anything when you’re done, frightened. Everything you need to do is some simple rules and everything will become clear as we first thought it would be to follow.
There are a lot of people think that their room has to be perfect. This is not really the way that each house should be. You can go home dirty, it means he has lived, in fact, clean is the main thing.

They live in your house should be established for how you want to be. If you are shopping for everything for your home does not believe that anything that grows on you. When purchasing this way you will not be stuck with all that you do not.

All that pressure must be combined with colors, but they should not be completed. This works well if you put your favorite colors in the room, and then link them together by matching accessories that blend with the color.
If you use to decorate with prints that you are not too many, because what happens is your room look a little bit racy.
Place a rug, a lamp or two and some pictures, but not too much. You decorate your house, make a house. Everywhere, a rug is adorned with a great tool. They are offered in several different colors and are able to heat the entire surface.

home decoration and interior designing

The Victorian decorating style is one that combines antique accessories with modern methods and can really make your house stand out. Whether you have an old Victorian mansion or a new home, you can decorating with a Victorian style by changing small things, for instance painting and hanging vintage accessories to bring some of the Victorian age to your home.
A major component in victorian decorating is what you put on the walls. For this style the room colors make a big difference – you should contemplate putting reds and dark colors and anything with vintage appeal and depending on the particular style many colors either in your wall color or your accessories. Try using an antique style wallpaper and border sets on the walls, or if you want something different go with paint and stenciling. You don’t have to get too fancy or spend a lot of money and if you are afraid of a bit of color, merely paint the walls a neutral shade and let the accents in the room do the decorating.
The floor covering can make or break your decor, but if you can not buy new flooring then just use area rugs with a Victorian design. Oriental rugs are perfect for this type of decor and you can buy genuine antique rugs, or reproductions if you are on a budget.
Accessories are key to pulling your Victorian decor together. You’ll be surprised at the impact a few alterations can make! Concentrate on buying old photos, artwork and mantle clocks that match your Victorian decor. Be sure to add in plenty of antiques as well as Victorian era curios. Additional touches like vintage fabrics and vases filled with flowers can add that special touch that gives your home a professional look.
You might want to consider light fixtures in terms of both style and type to go with your Victorian decorating style,. Given that you are trying to get a Victorian look, you might want to take a look at using old fashioned ceiling lights with lamps with silk fringe shades but remember to pass up anything which is primitive or country looking. Don’t forget to include table lamps as well as wall sconces.
Furniture should be Victorian in style but you don’t have to use genuine antiques. For the sofa especially, you should consider a reproduction. This is because vintage Victorian sofas are very uncomfortable! Wooden pieces like side tables and curio cabinets would look best if you can buy real antiques – the new stuff is just not as beautiful as the old pieces with a rich patina. Always make sure you buy pieces that are in tip top condition.
How you dress your windows are important to your victorian decorating design theme. For a fantastic design in your parlor go with working with layered drapery or velvet curtains or heavy draped curtains with different fabrics. There are a lot of window treatments that can be paired with this design theme, particularly if you match fabrics to your window treatments, but you should avoid contemporary style window coverings.

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