Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dark Brown Livingroom

This photo is about a brown living room. The living room is dominated by brown furniture. The main function of brown living room is to receive the guests of course. So the brown living room is designed as possible to give comfort to our guests. Brown color gives a natural impression. The floor is made of brown wood makes the living room will feel warmer. Furniture chosen tend simple and minimalist. Simple painting mounted on a wall making the living room look more beautiful chocolate
This is a beautiful Sofa from Coaster in their Park Place Collection. This sofa has a cozy pillow back with a brown velvet fabric. This piece has a contemporary design that meets comfortable living. You will be amazed at how comfortable this fabric feels against your skin. The sofa has a solid wood frame construction, standard density foam seat cushions with poly fiber filled back pillows.
Modern Dark Brown Livingroom
Family room or cans Also Becomes very functional living room couch with a long number. Dark chocolate on the sofa in combination with light brown on the carpet is perfect. In order not Impressed Enough with stiff yellow pillow. Reflection in the mirror make the Necessary ornament is not excessive.
Minimalist Beige and Dark Brown Livingroom
A lovely terracotta and dark brown living room. The yellow ceiling creates a really cozy atmosphere, without taking height from the room. That mirror frame is gorgeous!
Simple Dark Brown Livingroom
Amazing Dark Brown Livingroom
Elegant Dark Brown Livingroom

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