Monday, July 11, 2011

desain lebanon home


Same house design or apartment design has a main function as a place of refuge, rest, end of all activities, and as the perfection of life. You can get a comfort, a sense of peace, and pride in your home design or your apartment design so you have to create the perfect atmosphere therein.

Joe Serrins, an designer from New York managed to create an empire in a apartment in Lebanon. Joe serrins create beauty in each corner of the apartment with a combination of modern design style, luxury, contemporary, good packaging and harmonious on the walls, sky homes, floors and all furniture apartment design. At first We didn’t believe what Joe Serrins created but inside and outside the apartment together give amazing beauty. All point to good perfect blend makes you want adventure in every beauty is in the modern apartment.

Interior living room design built directly opposite the beach with beautiful scenery as if there were an exotic painting on the walls of your apartment interior architecture design.

Used furniture design with a unique blend of natural, simple but has a lot of value in order. You don’t need to adjust interior lighting in the interior design because the walls of the glass helps radiate sunlight into space.

In the sky there were houses relief motifs harmoniously complement the room. Table space consists of an oval wood table with a few simple chairs design. You will find a mosaic on the walls and exotic lights so you can feel the atmosphere during the ceremony the royal meals.

You’ll find a simple bed but will you find beautiful mosaic on the wall just above your head. You will feel the beauty in each of the existing modern furniture design in your room. Luxury interior bathroom decoration did not escape the wooden ornaments like puzzle.

In the corner of the modern apartment interior design you will find a unique table design with inverted pyramid shape and wall reliefs with scratches create more living room space. Joe’s apartment design Serrins more on the use of mosaics, reliefs, or scratches abstract add atmosphere apartment living.

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