Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blue Livingroom Design

Blue and white is a classic combination for home decor. This is a look that simply doesn’t date. Choose classic shapes, elegant white- painted furniture and a pale backdrop punctuated by a beautiful dusky blue.
Modern Blue Livingroom Design
Small And Cozy Livingroom Design
Give the living room a cool retro look with 1960′s surf-inspired patterns and a mix of muted and vibrant tones. Splash the walls with fresh white paint as a neutral backdrop. Choose a vintage-style dark brown couch featuring silver leg details. Create a customized coffee table by placing retro Hawaiian beach-inspired post cards on top of the table and covering it with a piece of cut-to-fit glass. Hang bold dark brown, turquoise and white tropical leaf-patterned drapes, and accent the couch with coordinating pillows. Place turquoise shag rugs on tiled or hardwood floors to add warmth and style. Hang a vintage owl or sunburst clock to add a touch of whimsy to the space.
When enhancing a living room with a beachy vibe, use sandy brown and sea blue tones. Paint the walls a light blue color to set the stage for a casual decor style. Choose brown wicker furniture items, such as a love seat, chair and glass-top coffee table. Add style and comfort to the seating elements with blue cushions featuring brown and white seashell patterns. For a nautical touch look for a standing lamp featuring a base wrapped with rope. Hang soothing blue ocean scenes in brown wood frames for a relaxed look. Accent a fireplace mantel with a menagerie of coral, blue candles, driftwood pieces and a bowl filled with seashells and starfish.
Wіth blue & white combination οf applications, уου wіll сrеаtе a relaxing аnd calming effect tο уουr room. Thіѕ kind requires a combination οf colors always consider οthеr items іn уουr room such аѕ chairs, tables аnd furniture. Thе white airy аnd gives a sense οf tranquility. Color аnd light аrе nοt used tο bе present іn ѕοmе settings wіth grеаt results. Bυt fοr thе living room, јυѕt pay attention tο whеrе уου need tο рlасе уουr sofa
Classical Blue Livingroom Design
Amazing Blue Livingroom Design

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