Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Design Black and White Foyer

Foyer 3 bedroom apartment is directly connected with private elevator, so I tried to design the foyer where when the elevator doors open, we will immediately get the atmosphere of both interesting and impressive interior light.

The bold geometry of the black and white checkerboard seems to have it's place, largely, in very traditional foyers, but is just as striking in other spaces

Graphic patterned stair runner and awesome photo gallery! gray brown black white entrance foyer colors.

Amazing Foyer Design

The foyer, with handpainted silk wallcoverings, leads into a larger space with original black-and-white linoleum tile, once considered chic flooring until marble tiles came into vogue,

An eclectic mix in this foyer says in this home you’ll find an interior design that merges the old with the new and the rustic with the refined to create a style that speaks to the unique personality of the homeowners.

A beautiful, warm and inviting foyer can give your guest a taste of things to come. You’ve worked so hard to create a home that reflects your sense of style and personality. Why not take cues from other rooms for interior design ideas to fill the space just inside the front door with a few pieces of furniture and decorative accessories that reflect the color palette and style of the rest of your home? A foyer should above all be welcoming, but at the same time its design can pique the interest of those who pass through it and cause them to wonder what interesting spaces are yet to be seen.

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